"Sam has transformed my life, how I show up as a mom, as a business owner, and in my marriage" - former client

The FREE TRAINING to help you ACTIVATE YOUR FULL OUT ENERGY so you can be your highest vibe self and attract the money, man, and magic you desire!

The FREE training to get you activated and aligned AF so you can be the fullest expression of yourself and call in the relationship, the sexy self esteem, the orgasms, the money, the business, the friendships, and more. 

  • How to clear up energy leaks and get anything that's not in alignment with your high vibe self out of your field so you can feel clear, inspired, motivated, and supported
  • Discover simple tips to embodying the Full Out woman within you so you can become a powerful manifestor within you and quantum leap into your next level
  • The #1 secret to unlock the Full Out woman who is bold, unapologetic, unleashed, unbound, sensual, and multi-faceted AF.

listen to what our clients are saying...

"I tripled my savings, quit my 9-5 and started traveling the world. I know that I can bet on myself. I know that I can achieve any goal because of her instilling confidence in me so I can wake up to life again. Watch your life change!"
"Samantha changed my life in only one workshop! Allowed me to step into clarity, what my calling is, what my value is as a part of my business, friendships and community. A veil has come off!"
"Amazing positive experience. Needed help with career, relationships, self-growth. I now have clear direction in my career, more confidence in relationships! I'm gonna wanna work with her again!"
"Helped me identify blocks + self-sabotage. I have promoted in my business, attracting what I want to reach my goals. I've started leading trainings to help other people."
"Best investment I've ever made. I'm more aligned in my vision, more confident, happier, more trust in myself. Months of consistent workouts, hard conversations and success in my business! TRANSFORMATIONAL, I feel like the best version of myself!"
"I have never felt capable. I've worked through my past and now have gratitude. I'm applying it to my business, just had a masterclass that was amazing, launched my program and had a sales call that went very, very well. I am CAPABLE and I have Sam to thank!"

Results others are getting

listen to what our students are saying...

more client results...

"Individualized adventure. No better person to be your truth-teller + supporter. My daily habits have improved, I have better connections with other people, I feel happier and more confident."
Biggest takeaway is I have the power to rewrite my narrative! So grateful for the work she does and the lasting changes to implement in my life.
"Being able to set boundaries, what I want and what I want to do build my confidence! I am a completely different person, a more positive person!"



SJH is absolutely amazing!! She meets you where you are, helps you assess where you want to go, and gives you tangible takeaways and strategy to empower you to achieve your goals! Her purposeful sessions, coaching style, insight and wisdom help in all areas of life!


Vancouver, Canada

Sam's presence adds a fierceness that spoke to me since the day I met her. Her ability to coach me through multiple situations in life, love, and business has been extremely supportive. Her light shines bright, she will impact your life if you're ready.



Empowering. Motivational. Bada$$.
Samantha's workshop pointed me in a new direction and opened my eyes to what self-love really means. Her words of affirmation shifted my perspective on a personal and business level.



Each workshop with Sam has proven to be a powerful and enlightening experience! Her ability to speak and connect with you on an intimate level makes you feel as if you've known each other for years! I felt understood and heard. I have been able to see my goals and vision more clearly, find comfort in my feelings and feel like a rockstar!


New York

Speaking with Sam is nothing short of uplifting and inspiring. She has an amazing gift for letting you see for yourself what is holding you back and empowers you to move forward with accomplishing your goals. Her passion for coaching is evident as she easily and enthusiastically gives you courage, motivation and inspiration.



I was able to grow through the pains in life and turn them into something beautiful with the help of Sam's mindset training. I now embrace fear and welcome it. Sam's passion, presence and understanding through her training helps you move through life with a new way of thinking. I've changed the way I react to tough situations, the way I speak, and most importantly the way I see myself.